Christi Craddick Creates Railroad Commission Swamp

AUSTIN – Today committed conservative candidate for Railroad Commissioner, Weston Martinez, released the following statement after the Railroad Commission’s Conference:

“Christi Craddick has turned the Railroad Commission of Texas into a DC type swamp. Just today she voted on two cases for companies that put money directly in her pocket. Items 3 and 39 on the Commission’s agenda involved companies listed on Craddick’s latest personal financial statement as companies from which she receives interest, dividends, royalties or rents. One of the companies is listed as paying her more than $25,000. That’s money directly into her pocket – not her campaign. Item #39 dealt directly with operations on a lease where she holds mineral interests. She voted to give an operator an exception to Commission rules – to produce HER MINERALS!

She violated Commission Rule 1.10 by not recusing herself from those votes and not disclosing her interest. She also likely violated state conflict of interest laws.

Voters are sick and tired of politicians looking out for themselves and not the people they represent. Christi Craddick claims to be a Conservative, but she’s raised fees at the Commission and has never fought for Conservative causes. I’m the true Conservative in the race – and I’m committed to draining the swamp Christi created and restoring honesty and ethics to the office she holds.”

Check out our new Campaign Video – Weston Martinez Railroad Commission of Texas 2017

We appreciate your prayers and support and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail in the next few weeks!


Weston Martinez
Texas Railroad Commissioner Candidate