Conservative Grassroots Leader and Weston Martinez Files for Texas Railroad Commissioner

AUSTIN – Conservative grassroots leader and oil and gas industry businessman, Weston
Martinez, today filed for the Texas Railroad Commission. Weston has served as a conservative
grassroots leader in Texas for over twenty years, having served on the State Republican
Executive Committee, as a Governor Perry appointee to the Texas Real Estate Commission.
Martinez was also involved in organizing Hispanics for Ted Cruz for president and supported
President Trump once he became the Republican nominee.

In addition to his conservative grassroots work on behalf of Texans, Weston has real world oil
and gas experience. As a small business owner and VP of Business Development for a Texas
Law Firm with offices in both San Antonio and Fort Worth, Weston stands on the frontline for
oil and gas companies and land owners across Texas. As an oil and gas industry water supplier,
Weston’s businesses have drilled wells and designed systems to meet the needs of the oil and gas
industry, even in times of significant drought. Weston leads
“I’ve been in the trenches fighting for conservative causes in Texas my whole life,” said Weston
Martinez. “This office presents the perfect opportunity to put my oil and gas experience to work
for the people of Texas, and ensure that the Texas Railroad Commission remains committed to
conservative principles and reasonable regulation so the oil and gas industry in our state
continues to thrive. Unfortunately, the current incumbent Christi Craddick is a former lobbyist
and political operative who is using her position to profit personally. She inexplicably raised fees
on the industry during one of the worst downturns in the last decade. She didn’t endorse Ted
Cruz for president or lift a finger to help Donald Trump when he became the nominee. Unlike
Christi, I’ll wake up every day to do my very best for the conservative grassroots who I’ve
fought along side for years,” concluded Martinez.

More about Weston Martinez:

Weston Martinez is a fourth generation Texas conservative grassroots leader with a history of
service to the Republican Party and proven results. Martinez has served as an elected member of
the State Republican Executive Committee and was appointed by Governor Perry to the Texas
Real Estate Commissioner. He has advised numerous Republican candidates and elected
officials at the state, local and national levels on conservative policy issues.

He is a leading conservative voice for Hispanics in the United States and has led the fight against
voter fraud to ensure ballot integrity in South Texas. He also delivered a rebuttal to Julian
Castro’s DNC national convention speech in 2008. Martinez has been blessed with a diverse
professional career including as an oil and gas business development strategist. With almost
twenty years in the regulated telecommunications industry and more recently the oil and gas
industry, Martinez has a unique pro-business, free market approach and has been successful
identifying solutions where others see only problems. Martinez was an NCAA bull rider at
Texas A&M Kingsville, and later attended Wayland Baptist University where he earned a
Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Weston & his wife, Geneva, have been married eighteen years and they have five beautiful
children. They are active members of Friendship Church and reside in San Antonio, Texas.