AUSTIN – Yesterday Christi Craddick participated in a FaceBook Livestream with Empower Texans and repeatedly lied to Texans on many issues. This is not surprising but it is disappointing.

Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans asked Craddick if she had used taxpayer staff to babysit her child. Her response was an unequivocal NO! She said that allegation was, “contemptible,” “offensive,” and “desperate.”

Here is a link to audio of Craddick’s denial followed by her taxpayer paid staff, Lauren Spreen, telling someone she couldn’t talk because she was babysitting Christi’s daughter. She actually says “babysitting.”

“I think it’s contemptible, offensive and desperate for Christi Craddick to lie to Texans and Conservative grassroots leaders like she does,” said Weston Martinez. “There’s no explaining away her lie. She said she didn’t have staff babysit and they clearly have. If she’ll lie about staff babysitting her kid, what else is she lying about,” continued Martinez.

In addition to lying about babysitting, Crooked Christi also takes Texas voters for a bunch of saps. When Sullivan questioned her about a case she voted on just last week that would directly affect her minerals, she twisted facts and claimed that granting a flaring exception would actually harm her because it would result in burning her natural gas. That’s so disingenuous it is laughable. In the Permian Basin where those minerals are located, oil is the primary natural resource that everyone wants. Without the flaring exception Craddick voted to grant, oil production would have to be reduced or halted. So Christi voted to allow an operator to flare more gas – so she could get paid on more oil production. That’s a violation of Railroad Commission Rule 1.10 that states that commissioners cannot vote on items in which they have a personal or private interest – which Craddick clearly did.

“Voters, the media and grassroots activists need to start holding Crooked Christi accountable. When a Republican behaves the same way Dawnna Dukes did, they’ve broken our trust. I’ll be an honest, transparent and Conservative commissioner that Texans can be proud of,” concluded Martinez.

More about Weston Martinez:
Weston Martinez is a fourth generation Texas conservative grassroots leader with a history of service to the Republican Party and proven results. Martinez has served as an elected member of the State Republican Executive Committee and is a current Texas Real Estate Commissioner, appointed by Governor Perry and now serving under Governor Abbott. He has advised numerous Republican candidates and elected officials at the state, local and national levels.

He is a leading conservative voice for Hispanics in the United States and has led the fight against voter fraud to ensure ballot integrity in South Texas. He also delivered a rebuttal to Julian Castro’s DNC national convention speech in 2008.

Martinez has been blessed with a diverse professional career including as an oil and gas business development and government affairs strategist. With almost twenty years in the regulated telecommunications industry and now the oil and gas industry, Martinez has a unique pro-business, free market approach and has been successful identifying solutions where others see only problems. Martinez was an NCAA bull rider at Texas A&M Kingsville, and later Wayland Baptist University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Weston & his wife, Geneva, have been married eighteen years and they have five beautiful children. They are active members of Friendship Church and reside in San Antonio, Texas.