No one knows why Texas’ energy regulator is called the Railroad Commission when it has nothing to do with trains. The reason why is people like Christi Craddick are standing in the way of good government and transparency. Craddick doesn’t want the name changed and wants the agency to continue to be mired in secrecy. I’m for educating Texans about what the Railroad Commission does and how it makes sure that oil and gas production are done safely.

U.S. Energy Dominance

If we’re going to grow production and make America energy dominant, we need a strong and thriving energy economy.  That starts with Railroad Commissioners who aren’t making money off oil and gas development in Texas. Together we will drain the Texas swamp.  

Protecting Private Property Rights

Property rights in Texas are sacrosanct. People rely on the Railroad Commission to ensure that their interests, mineral and surface, are protected. Unfortunately, because Christi Craddick owns so many mineral interests, people don’t know whether they are getting a fair shake. We need unbiased commissioners at the Railroad Commission who will do the job and not vote on the basis of who is producing minerals that will put money in their pocket.

Protecting State rights & fighting back against the federal government

President Trump will be out of office at the end of the term I’m running for. Fighting the federal government was a necessity under Obama. We need to use the Trump years to implement smart regulatory policies that will eliminate the possibility of future administrations trying to tell us how to regulate oil and gas. Texans should determine the fate of Texas energy.

Technological Advancements

While serving as a Commissioner of a large Texas agency I successfully increased technology (that works) and fostered a business friendly environment. I will do so as your next Texas Railroad Commissioner. We will also update rules like those for allocation wells so mineral interest owners and operators have fair and predictable rules.

Conservative Leadership & Traditional Values

My wife of 18 years and our 5 children know the blessing that Texas is, and how much it’s worth fighting for. To put people back to work we have to cut taxes, create a fair and predictable regulatory environment that promotes our traditional Texas family values, and walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Christi Craddick raised fees on the oil and gas industry during one of the worst downturns in decades – that’s not Conservative leadership, that’s big government at its worst.