Montgomery Tea Party Questionnaire

1. What is the most important problem you see in the next Railroad Commission in the next legislative session and what do you propose to solve it?

Protect LAND OWNERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS Stop Running Commission like a dictator

For land owners we must always focus on making changes at the commission that better protect private property rights while still encouraging oil and gas development. How we deal with allocation wells (wells drilled across multiple tracts of land where the production is allocated by the operator) would be one example of how we can strengthen land owners’ rights and still encourage development.

Business owners want to be treated fairly, and work in an environment of predictability.
Staff treatment must proffesional and legal. 

2. Please discuss your views on the concept of “sustainability” and the energy resources needed by this nation.

Hydrocarbons have sustained this nation and the world since they were discovered. They have led to America being the most prosperous country in the world. All other energy sources need to be able to compete without government support.

3. To what extent are you in favor of subsidies for alternative energy?

Not at all.

4. Please describe how the Railroad Commission has influenced legislation in the past 2 legislative sessions and how you would envision the RRC influencing the 86th session.

The last several legislative sessions the RRC has just been trying to get out of Sunset Review. Now that that is done, they need to propose statutory changes that will reduce regulatory burdens and make it easier for energy companies to thrive.

5. What are the reasons you are running for this office rather than Agriculture Commissioner or Land Commissioner?

This office presents the perfect opportunity to put my oil and gas experience to work for the people of Texas, and ensure that the Texas Railroad Commission remains committed to conservative principles and reasonable regulation so the oil and gas industry in our state continues to thrive. Whether it’s developing solutions to complex challenges like potential induced seismicity, or fighting the assault on Texas oil and gas, I’ll wake up every day to do my very best for all Texans and the promotion of our Texas values