Weston Martinez on flaring

Flaring is a question that continues to be mentioned on the campaign trail. Texans around the state want to know whether or not flaring should be allowed, encouraged or further regulated.

Here is what Railroad Commissioner canidate Weston Martinez has to say:

Video Transcript:

One of the questions that comes up across the campaign trail is about flaring. Texans want to know [whether or not we] we should increase our regulations, limit the flaring or force operators to recapture the gases. This is a challenge that we need to investigate further.

If operators are not allowed to flare gas, particularly during upset conditions, when the hydrogen sulfide content is too high, then we could force an operator to shut in a well that should be producing.

We need to make sure that we are encouraging operators to develop gathering systems and not wasting gas.

I plan to take a hard look at flaring permit requests to ensure that operators have a good reason for needing to flare gas. If they do I will support their flair requests. If they do not then I will not.

We have to make sure that we make Texas energy independent and I am going to do whatever we can to protect the public interest, while also encourage growth.

Weston Martinez
Railroad Commissioner candidate