Weston Martinez – Ready to do the job on day 1

God bless you guys! Here is our first campaign commercial!

Watch this video discussing my qualifications on being your next Railroad commissioner and see why we are blessed with so many conservative leaders across Texas supporting my campaign.

I am blessed to have support across Texas because I’m conservative and ready to do the job on Day 1:

Video Transcribe:

My name is Western Martinez, and I am  running to be your next Railroad Commission for the great state of Texas!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to keep the Texas miracle alive. I want you to know that I am qualified in this race because I have the conservative credentials that are important to you. [My conservative credentials] promote Texas values and will help keep the Texas miracle alive through the Railroad Commission.

I’ve got supporters like:
1. Jonathan Saenz – President of Texas values
2. Cathie Adams – President Texas Eagle Forum
3. Joann Fleming – Grassroots America, We The People Pac

and other groups like:
1. The Kaufman County Tea Party
2. The Montgomery County Tea Party

People who have been in the trenches for years know who I am and that I will always stand up for our conservative values and principles.

Most importantly I currently serve you as a Texas Real Estate Commissioner across the state of Texas. I have served that position for the last four years. I know what it is to represent each and everyone of you on a daily basis. As a current Real Estate Commissioner for the state of Texas, I have worked very hard to lower our fees, to become more business-friendly and also to increase transparency, so that we can provide a better product.

I know the process and what it takes to be a Railroad Commissioner. I will not have to learn on the job training, I will be ready to go on day one.

Finally, I am running because I have oil and gas background experience. When the Eagle Ford Shale started a few years back I started a services company, selling fracking water. This business showed me the process which dealt with landowners, operators and acquisitions and [gave me experience] in every front-end aspect of what is happening in the Eagle Ford Shale.

When I started my services company a few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting land owners and operators across the state of Texas.

I know that the way we keep the EPA out of Texas is by having the landowners and the operators on the same side of the table.

I will work diligently every single day to make sure that this happens because a safe Texas is an energy independent Texas. We have to keep producing more oil and gas so that we can keep putting Texans back to work every single day across the state of Texas and become energy independent. The more energy independent we become the less we have to fear from our enemies.

Weston Martinez for Railroad Commissioner