What differentiates you from your opponents?

1. What differentiates you from your opponents?

I Served 6+ years as Texas Real Estate Commissioner: I understand the mechanics of a Texas Commission and the role of a commissioner.

I was confirmed by the Senate after being appointed by Governor Perry and now serve under Governor Abbott fulfilling my entire term.

Engaged Conservative leader: as explained above I have been at the forefront of every conservative political fight we have recently faced.

Not a lawyer.

To be more specific here are some additional distinctions partially shown below:

*Weston Martinez will be a fair and predictable Commissioner who regulates only with our conservative’s governmental principles and values.

Weston Martinez will repeal the Tax/fee created on the industry.

Weston Martinez won’t be taking votes to personally benefit my individual holdings.

Weston Martinez won’t treat the commission as my personal business.

Weston Martinez will make sure all operators and landowners are heard not just the Huge ones.

Weston Martinez will treat staff with basic professionalism and respect

Weston Martinez won’t run the rail road commission like a dictator but as a Servant leader.

*If we don’t have energy independence we will never have liberty.