Weston Martinez
Railroad Commissioner

Make Texas Energy Dominate




A fourth generation Texas conservative grassroots leader with a history of service to the Republican Party and proven results. Martinez has served as an elected member of the State Republican Executive Committee. He has advised numerous Republican candidates and elected officials at the state, local and national level. Weston is the only candidate in this race who actively endorsed and supported Ted Cruz and then Republican Nominee Donald Trump.


For the last 6+ years Weston has served as your Texas Real Estate Commissioner. He was appointed by then Governor Perry, and also served under Governor Abbott. Weston also served as Chairman of the Agency’s Budget Committee where he promoted pro-business and pro-tax payer initiatives. Weston served the State of Texas faithfully and has been prepared to now serve you and your family as Texas Railroad Commissioner.


Weston has been blessed with a diverse professional career including as an oil and gas business development and government affairs strategist. With almost twenty years in the regulated telecommunications industry and now the oil and gas industry, Martinez has a unique, pro-business, free market approach and has been successful identifying solutions where others see only problems.


This office presents the perfect opportunity to put my oil and gas experience to work for the people of Texas, and ensure that the Texas Railroad Commission remains committed to conservative principles and reasonable regulation so the oil and gas industry in our state continues to thrive. Whether it’s developing solutions to complex challenges like potential induced seismicity, or fighting the Obama Administrations’s assault on Texas oil and gas, I’ll wake up every day to do my very best for all Texans and the promotion of our Texas values.


Weston Martinez

Protecting private property rights is necessary to keep energy production alive in Texas. Addressing allocation wells is something we need to work with the Texas legislators on for the next session.

Operators must know they have fair and predictable regulators to reach their highest potential.  Today operators feel it’s a pay to play system that has regulators picking winners and losers. Together we will drain the Texas swamp.    

President Trump will be out of office 2 years at the end of this term. We must prepare for the future in all our decisions. Texans can’t afford scandal to control our future. Texans we understand the sovereignty of statehood.

My wife of 16 years and our 5 children know the blessing that Texas is, and how much it’s worth fighting for. To put people back to work we have cut taxes, create a fair and predictable environment that promotes our traditional Texas family values.

While serving as a Commissioner of a large Texas agency I successfully increased technology (that works) and fostered a business friendly environment. I will do so as your next Texas Railroad Commissioner.

Supporting an agency name by constitutional amendment is the biggest first step in increasing education and transparency. It also clearly projects    the strength and confidence we have in Texans and the natural Resources God has blessed us with

Weston Martinez in the News

January 4, 2018

Weston Martinez – Dallas Morning News Questionnaire

What is an example of how you led a team or group toward achieving an important goal? As Statewide Texas Real Estate Commissioner I served as Chairman of the Budget committee, where I had to be

December 7, 2017

Montgomery Tea Party Questionnaire

1. What is the most important problem you see in the next Railroad Commission in the next legislative session and what do you propose to solve it? Protect LAND OWNERS AND BUSINESS OWNERS Stop

December 2, 2017

What differentiates you from your opponents?

1. What differentiates you from your opponents? I Served 6+ years as Texas Real Estate Commissioner: I understand the mechanics of a Texas Commission and the role of a commissioner. I was


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